6° Conferencia Anual de Economía UTDT y BCRA



  • Miércoles 20 de diciembre,2017| Sala Ernesto Bosch, BCRA | Reconquista 266, CABA

10.30-11.30: Price Rigidities and the Relative PPP Puzzle

Javier Cravino (Stanford University)

.11.30-12.30:  A Theory of Liquidity Traps

Sebastian Di Tella (Stanford University)

.12.30-14.00: Receso

.14.00-15.00: Trading and Asset Pricing in a Monetary Economy

Ricardo Lagos (NYU)

.16.00-16.30: Receso

.16.30-17.30: Regulatory Competition

Flavio Toxvaerd (University of Cambridge)


  • Jueves 21 de diciembre,2017| Aula Magna, UTDT| Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 7350, CABA

 10.30-11.30: On the Risk of Leaving the Euro

Manuel Macera (UTDT)

.11.30-12.30:  Inovation and Diffusion with Limited Appropriability

Hugo Hopenhayn (UCLA)

.12.30-14.00: Receso

.14.00-15.00: On the Optimal Speed of Sovereign Deleveraging with Precautionary Savings

Francisco Roldán (NYU)

.16.00-16.00: Sowing the Seeds of Financial Crises: Endogenous Asset Creation and Adverse Selection.

Nicolás Caramp (UC Davis)

.16.00-16.30: Receso

.16.30-17.30: Trading Costs and Informational Efficiency

Cecilia Parlatore (NYU Stern)

IEF Workshop

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